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So you want to start blogging. It can not be easy to come up with topics of interest. See below to learn more…

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So you want to Learn How to Start a Blog…

You want to build it into a business and start making money fast, right?  It all sounds easy and it is, but that’s the problem.  It’s too easy to start a blog.

There’s the easy way and there’s the right way.

There are millions of blogs online right now, but only a fraction of them are actually making money.  Why?  They probably thought all they had to do was install WordPress or use some other DIY blogging platform and that would be it.  Bam!  I’m now a blogger.


There are several critical steps you MUST complete when setting up any new website or blog and I am going to go over each one of them Step by Step below.

Seasoned professionals understand why starting a blog can impact their long term success.  Blogging is a critical element in what we call content marketing and it helps deliver your business’ message, brings in traffic, and allows you to sell affiliate products, and your own products; but you can’t do this successfully unless you follow the right steps.

Why should you listen to me?

I have been creating blogs and businesses online since 1998 and I started working online full time in 2003.

I started my online career blogging about how to beat Google with Auto Blogs and making money from those blogs.  I have built hundreds over the years.

IN 2008 I released my first online course called the Auto Blog Blueprint with subsequent updates to the course scattered over the last 8 years.

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